HX135R Sealed Lead Acid Battery 28Ah / 135W

Voltage: 12v
Nominal Ah: 28Ah
Watts/Cell: 135W

Weight: 12.0Kg
Dimensions: 170 x 131 x 197mm
Short Circuit Current: 1800 A
Layout: 1

Terminals: C

Positive and negative plate grids made of lead-calcium-tin alloy for long life and efficient recharge

Flame retardant case and cover to meet UL1778

Individual cell vents

DataSafe HX battery containers and covers are hermetically sealed to provide leak resistance over the life of the product

AGM separators – The electrolyte is completely absorbed into the separator

High performance brass threaded receptacle, bolt terminal, and faston terminals

Increased energy density

Computer optimized electrochemistry for increased power up to the 15 minute rate

100% initial battery capacity

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 170 × 131 × 197 mm


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